How to Supercharge Your Goals With Aromatic Anchors

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Ahhh the New Year. It’s a clean, fresh start ripe with possibilities. A time when we feel called to make big, bold promises to ourselves about what we’re going to do – or not do – over the next 12 months.

But instead of feeling inspired, all this talk of goal setting and resolutions can create anxiety, fear, frustration or outright rebellion. New Year’s resolutions? Nope, I’m not doing it!

Usually that’s because we’ve been down this road of setting our goals for the year ahead before – and then falling off the wagon and feeling like a failure before February even gets started.

That’s why I’ve got something a little different for you this month – a simple, yet powerful visualisation technique that uses aromatic anchors to supercharge your goals. So take a nice, deep, relaxing breath in and let’s get started!



Sounds simple enough, but getting really clear on your goals requires focus, eliminating the “shoulds”, letting go of expired desires, and honing in on those few core goals that have your cells tingling with excitement. You want to shoot for a goal that brings you immense joy and satisfaction, and aligns with the bigger vision you have for your life.



Instead of writing out your goals line by line (like you’re back in school detention!), ‘scripting’ is a much more free flowing, creative, heart-centred approach. The practice involves writing out exactly how it feels to have already achieved your goal in the present tense using lots of high vibe, emotions-based language. The idea is to bring your goal to life by experiencing all of those future emotions (joy, excitement, freedom, abundance etc) today, for some seriously powerful manifestation.

Credit: I was introduced to the practice of 'scripting' at a dōTERRA business builders event with Tara Bliss, and Tara credits Peta Kelly (author, speaker and entrepreneur) with teaching her the practice! Tara has also published an excerpt of her own 2018 script as an example – you can read it here for inspiration and then create your own :)



This is where the real fun begins. You see, our sense of smell is a powerful thing – it connects us to the Limbic System in our brain, which is home to our emotions and memories. By anchoring the future emotional memories that we scripted about in Step 2 to a specific aroma, we can then use this aroma to trigger the exact emotional state we need to be in to manifest our goals. Pretty cool, huh?!

When it comes to creating your aromatic anchor, you can select a single oil or blend, or create your own – either by intuitively selecting the oils that speak to you or using a reference guide such as the Emotions and Essential Oils book, which offers insights into the emotional and energetic qualities of each oil.

For example, in the first quarter of this year I have a specific business goal I’m reaching for and have selected four oils for my own signature aromatic anchor:

Ginger for empowerment
Lime for the zest of life  
Cedarwood for community
Frankincense for truth and connection

Hot Tip: If you’re making your own signature blend, take the lids off the bottles and smell the oils together before mixing them with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a roller bottle or similar. You want your aromatic anchor to be a smell you like, so it’s a good idea to trial your combination first.



Ideally, you want to integrate a morning practice into your day that involves reading or writing out your script, inhaling your aromatic anchor, and setting intentions for the day that align with your goal. You'll also reach for your aromatic anchor anytime you’re dedicating time to achieving that specific goal and when you accomplish small wins along the way.

I know we’re all busy – and for many of us our mornings can be dictated by the stomp of little feet (!) – but there’s always a way to carve out a few precious moments to bring your attention to what you want to create in your life. (Getting up a little earlier in the morning or 10 minutes less TV at night are two areas where I can always open up some more space in my life!)  

If you’re new to essential oils and eager to get started, book a free, no-obligation 1:1 consultation with me today so we can manifest some magic for you this year!

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Emma Lawrence is the founder of Thank Goodness, an award-winning journalist, Essential Oils Educator and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. She lives on New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel Peninsula and believes wholeheartedly in a daily self-care practice, lifelong personal development, and growing a thriving business anchored in generosity and gratitude.

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